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Just click on the button below and answer a few more questions. I know you just filled out an entire survey (thanks for that!) and I apologize for the redundancy. There are people who will stumble onto the group without going through the survey you did, and I want to make sure they're qualified to be in there.


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First, the easy one: Just hit reply to my email. I'm requesting this for two reasons: First, I genuinely want to hear from you and I will personally be reading all emails. Second, I want to make sure my emails make it to your inbox. When you reply, it actually helps with email deliverability. You can just say "got it" and that will suffice. Thanks, it means a lot!

Second, make sure my email goes to you main inbox if you are a Gmail user and it's in the promotions tab. You can add me as a contact and drag it on over to the inbox. Click here for instructions (with pictures) for whitelisting in case you need help.


Step 3: Upgrade To Society (optional)

This optional upgrade is your chance to get priority access to my team and I, along with every single training program we offer in the future. Plus, you will get a 25% discount and a "front of the line pass" for any scouting trips, retreats and other events we do in the future.

Thank you again for you taking the time to answer the survey. It will go a long way in helping my team and I as we continue to grow this community and share relevant content.

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